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ARABLAB 2015 – with our participation again

As well as each other year, we had the possibility of our products presentation at the Arablab trade fair in Dubai even this year. Reaching nearly one thousand of participants, Arablab confirmed again that it has developed from a small local action into one of the most important events of the laboratory calendar.

Our stand was surrounded by clients for all the 4 days. These included current distributors as well as new companies interested in presentation of thermal engineering products in their local markets. So we were visited by representatives of companies from Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenya, Sierra Leone, China, Bulgaria or the organizing United Arab Emirates. But as traditionally, we have obtains majority of contacts from Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Thanks to close co-operation with our local partner, the clients had a chance to see in detail the exhibited models ECOCELL and FRIOCELL, provided from the stock reserves for the exhibition by our partner BDH Middle East. Thanks to mutual active co-operation, there is strictly supported mutual growth and quality improvement of our services in given market, which is appreciated by all the local clients.

08. 06. 2015