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MMM Group Success at an Exhibition Under the Hot Florida Sun

5. 4. 2012

March weather can be tricky in the Czech Republic as well as in Florida. We have seen chilly and rainy days, but this year’s exhibition of laboratory science, PITTCON, took place under the pleasant spring sun. Unfortunately, the exhibition has been experiencing a slow but steady decline. This year’s exhibition in Orlando, however, seemed promising in terms of exhibitors and attendees from the U.S. and abroad.

In cooperation with our colleagues from BMT USA, we cautiously booked our usual area of 10 square meters. We prepared all the technical facilities of the booth on time and we took care of all the travel arrangements. After a 15-hour flight, we finished our booth on Sunday afternoon. The exhibition is traditionally held at the large and modern Orange County Convention Center in a quiet suburb of Orlando. The spring sun could in no way get into the huge, air-conditioned exhibition halls. Nevertheless, we eagerly awaited the grand opening which was planned for Monday. MMM Group’s booth was located at the very end of the last (40th) aisle.

What we had initially thought to be a handicap turned out to be quite the opposite. To our surprise, flocks of new and anxious customers kept coming from the very start, mostly because they decided to begin their walk around the exhibition hall in our sector. BMT USA employees Alan Perry and Scott Noteboom used the Venticell 55 on display to prepare the favorite cookies, the smell of which was in the air all over the exhibition hall, attracting more and more accidental visitors (mostly end users) to our booth. Also on display were our temperature measuring devices, steam sterilizers with modifications for the U.S. market, and other products, such as lab furniture, washers, etc.

Despite being smaller in size, there were (according to our calculations) 948 exhibitors. According to the organizer’s data, 20 percent were from abroad. A total of 15,754 visitors found their way to the exhibition, which is an 8-percent decrease in comparison to last year’s in Atlanta.

We would like to thank our employees for organizing the exhibition and our partners for coming to see us. We are looking forward to next year’s event in Philadelphia.