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MMM Medcenter and the Market in the People Republic of China

The year 2014 was the most successful year for the MMM Medcenter in the whole history, as from the establishment date in 1993. The development of market in the People Republic of China significantly participated in annual markets growth. The thermal engineering sales development was and is positively affected by high growth factors of Chinese economy and fierce development of national and international enterprises in Chine in such fields as pharmacy, cosmetics, food industry, electronics, automotive and automotive-supplying industries, building materials, zoology and botany.

Our products, developed and manufactured in the BMT, are highly favoured and respected by professional clients. The technological solutions and innovative equipment of our devices provide our devices with a head start on many local products.

Thanks to permanent further growth of our production lines, mainly now in connection with arrival of a new line of thermal engineering marked EVO allowing thanks to the new touch screen and generally improved technology better and optimised processes and together with stable economic conditions in China we expect further positive sales development in local markets.

Besides daily sales of individual devices in 2014 we also succeeded to participate in large and significant projects and to increase the turnover targets again.

We have successfully co-operated with our local representative, the company Alit with its headquarters in Shanghai and two other branch office for over fifteen years. Along with traditional excellent business relations we have also established personal friendly relations by and between our employees, confirming excellent hitherto co-operation.

06. 02. 2015