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Hot Air Sterlizer with Forced Air Convection
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The STERICELL® hot air sterilizer is intended for use in healthcare for the hot air / dry heat sterilization process of non-packaged and packaged medical devices, including invasive devices designed by their manufacturers for hot air / dry heat sterilization.

It is a medical device that complies with EU Directive MDR 2017/745.

  • Volume: 22, 55, 111, 222, 404 litres
  • Working temperature: 10°C above ambient temperature up to 250°C
  • Interior: stainless steel, mat. No. 1.4301 (AISI 304)
  • Clean premises version – on request
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Product series description STERICELL

Forced Air Circulation in the Chamber

The principle of operation is based on fine patent-protected air flow using a ventilator in electrically heated chamber of the device. The used patent thermo-dynamic system arranges development of a homogenous air flow rising in a spiral inside of the operation chamber. By natural tempering from the bottom upstairs, the process simulates natural processes and it arranges optimal heating of materials and high space precision of temperature in the chamber with minimal power consumption.

Description of the Product Line

The STERICELL® Hot Air Sterilizer is intended for use in healthcare for the hot air / dry heat sterilization process of non-packaged and packaged medical devices, including invasive devices designed by their manufacturers for hot air / dry heat sterilization.

It features quiet operation with a fine patent-protected forced airflow system in the chamber using a built-in fan that eliminates the „cold air“ areas development. Bulk and sediment-creating substances can be processed in closed containers. The device is suitable for medical and veterinary practices, clinics and hospitals, pharmacies, health centres, laboratories.

The STERICELL® device meets the highest demands for quality, speed, ease of use and safety.

The internal layout of the chamber allows the trays or shelves to be rebuilt and materials of various sizes to be inserted for the best use of the interior space.

STERICELL® with the volume of 55 to 404 litres can be ordered in a single-door or double-door version with the option of being built into the wall between the unclean and sterile zone. The protocol of the individual sterilization batches can be clearly printed out using a printer, or the protocols can be saved in the computer memory using the “PrinterArchiv” software or copied to a flash disk (optional - USB port).

Conformity to European standards

The hot-air sterilizers STERICELL® line complies with the EEC Medical Devices Directive no. MDR 2017/745, hygienic requirements. It meets the requirements of reproducibility and accuracy of temperature distribution and other parameters related to hot-air sterilizers, derived from such standards like ISO 9000 or ISO/17025. To prove the continuous quality of working processes in accordance with the device parameters declared by the manufacturer (importer), the device users are supplied with IQ (installation qualification), OQ (operational qualification), and PQ (process qualification - validation) documents. The devices meet the requirements of operation in accredited or certified health care centers and in laboratories (CE 1023).

The Highest Standard of Processing, Unique Properties, …

Long-term functionality and reliability of the devices is guaranteed both by perfect technical solution and use of top quality materials during the production:

  • Robust construction and perfect protection against corrosion thanks to a self-supporting outer jacket made of galvanized steel sheet provided with hard and resistant baking paint on the outer side;
  • Inner two-jacket chamber with easy removable facing sheets (the 22-liter volume size has a single jacket only) and the door panel are made of top quality stainless steel (DIN 1.4301, AISI 304), which guarantees long life and easy cleaning;
  • To save energy and minimize heat radiation to the environment, the chamber is perfectly insulated by means of ecologic insulating material, which also keeps safe temperature on the device surface;
  • In addition to it, the chamber is equipped with a mechanical infinitely adjustable air flap valve used mainly during wet material drying before sterilization;
  • Well-considered door mechanics – space saving door opening minimizes space requirements by 90°; upon request, left-open door can even be supplied. There are four places for the door setting to seal the chamber perfectly (the 22-liter volume size has only one adjustable screw on the side of the door lock); practical door handle enables the door opening even by an elbow (except for the 22-liter volume size);
  • Temperature distribution is controlled by a modern microprocessor Fuzzy-Logic with a digital display and a PT 100 thermostat sensor – it guarantees high accuracy of temperature regulation and process reliability during the material processing;
  • The course of the sterilization process is monitored by a separate second sensor PT 100
  • Well-considered to the least details from the ecological point of view – regarding the living environment, all components are recyclable;
  • Economical in continuous operation – compact construction with easy accessible power and supply components reduces any potentially required service works; special autodiagnostic programs;
  • The devices can be placed either one on another or side by side.

Safe Working Processes

Contrary to some products without forced air circulation, this device with a built-in ventilator is able to:

  • Eliminate the “cold air“ area formation
  • Speed up the cycle, thus shorten the period of the device running and reduce power consumption
  • Guarantee better temperature distribution in the sterilization chamber
  • Guarantee thermal stability in each place of the sterilization chamber

Safety of working processes is controlled for the whole process period by microprocessor automatics registering and reacting correspondingly to the preset temperature and time and also to all possible disturbing influences like e.g. door or air flap valve opening during sterilization, power failure, etc.

The STERICELL® line is equipped with autodiagnostics including the continuous electronic control of the individual working phases and independent adjustable thermal protection. Mechanical Class 2 safety thermostat protects the device, its surroundings and processed material against inadmissible temperature exceeding (double protection of the sterilized materials against overheating). By this solution, the influence of careless operation on the safe result of the sterilization cycle has been excluded. We offer process and chemical indicators to check the sterilization efficiency of the hot air sterilization.

Basic Program Equipment of the Device

The basic program equipment offers three sterilization programs that you can choose depending on the type of the processed material.

Three pre-set sterilization programs with preheating (possibility of user modification by an authorized person)

  • S1 – temperature 160°C / sterilization exposure 60 min
  • S2 – temperature 170°C / sterilization exposure 30 min
  • S3 – temperature 180°C / sterilization exposure 20 min

Two drying programs are a new option

  • P4, P5 – temperature 10°C (above the ambient temperature) up to 250°C/ user-adjustable exposition time

Comfortable Operation

  • Easy and comfortable operation, well-arranged service and control elements on the smile-shaped control panel
  • Practical handle enables the door opening even by an elbow (except for the 22-liter volume size)
  • Larger volume sizes are equipped with braked traveling wheels to make handling easy
  • Easy removable inner facing sheets enable easy cleaning
  • Inner arrangement of the chamber enables re-arrangement of the screens or shelves and insertion of materials of different size, thus making the best of the inner space
  • Practically placed handle to control the air flap valve position (suction and exhaust flap)
  • Client Service Arrangement

    Service and support of users are fully arranged by a worldwide network of contractual organisations of the company BMT Medical Technology s.r.o. We have an extensive network of brand service work sites connected to HOT-LINE service providing fast response to clients’ questions and requirements. So as to arrange user comfort and fast and high-quality service intervention we developed a special auto-diagnostic program. We offer internet diagnostics and monitoring of the sterilization device (RMS), providing fast and direct communication with the instrumentation and it arranges fluent and trouble-free operation of a work site. All these features guarantee low operation costs and long service life of the device.

    Environmental Awareness

    The device meets all and any current environmental requirements. It represents no burden for the work and life environment. A powerful suction pump with built-in device for feeding water saving saves approximately 15% of operation costs. The unique construction of the steam generator with automatic desalting arranges permanently high quality of steam.

    High quality materials guaranteeing long service life of the device are used for its manufacture. Optionally, the device can be equipped with an element for additional cooling of waste water, allowing its temperature setting. The device does not produce any harmful waste. Environment – friendly methods are used for its manufacture in the workshop. All the main parts of the device as well as the packages are recyclable.

    The device consists of 95% of steel, 4% of other materials, 1% of electro material and plastics. Environment-friendly liquidation to be performed after dismantling by an authorised person in compliance with EU regulations, corresponding with the WEEE directive (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment).

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